Are You Prepared For A Natural Disaster

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Are You Prepared For
A Natural Disaster?

Natural Disaster

With the various types of natural disasters that have taken place in recent years

many people have started to realize that they may not be prepared for such events to take place. While no one wants to think it can happen to them

we have all seen the footage of Hurricane Katrina and

it was a reality that this type of natural disaster is something that does happen to real people

Even the fires spreading out of control in California

remind us of the types of natural disasters that can take place.

It is important to pay close attention to the warnings that

hopefully will be broadcast on TV and the internet if a natural disaster is possible.

Natural Disaster

It is unbelievable the number of people that ignore this information.

If you are asked to evacuate the area do so as quickly and calmly as you can.

Rescue efforts may not be available for those that remain behind.

It is a good idea to have a battery-powered radio that you can carry

with you to continue listening to the instructions as you are traveling.

You should have an emergency supply kit on hand at all times

just in case you do happen to be in a location where a natural disaster happens.

Bottled water and canned foods can be stored for long periods of time.

You want enough for each family member for at least five days.

Should you have to remain on your own for a few days until

rescue teams can reach you these items will help you to survive.

The food in your refrigerator can spoil if the power goes down

which is common after a natural disaster. Make sure you keep

medications on hand for those that need them on a regular basis.

Are You Prepared?

If you have small children in the home make sure you have the

necessary supplies on hand for them. Stocking up on personal items such as diapers

toilet paper, and toothpaste can help you to stay healthy during a natural disaster.

Since you may be without power for several days you will want

to have lanterns and flashlights readily available.

A small first aid kit with essential items can be useful because

you never know when someone will be injured as a result of a natural disaster.

Do your best to clean the injury and prevent infection until

proper medical care can be received for the individual.

Many people worry about their pets during a natural

disaster but you may not be able to keep them with you during that time.

If possible though store food for them as well so that

you wonĂ­t be sharing the food you stored for your family with them.

A natural disaster can be very scary for everyone

but especially for children. Make sure that everyone is

able to get plenty of rest and that children are allowed to openly share their feelings.

Too many parents think it is best not to tell them what is

going on but that tends to make them more afraid as they

definitely know something is taking place around them.

Hopefully you will never have to experience a natural disaster

but it is wise to be prepared. Having the essential items in place

that your will need can make the difference between your survival

after the event takes place

It is a good idea to practice emergency procedures for natural

disasters with your family as well.

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